Building and Roofing Services

Quality for life

It is a matter of common sense to choose good quality materials and services for anything you want. Of course, who wants to purchase bad things or hire a poor service? Anything we acquire, we will want the best. In some cases, that's not possible or convenient for us; it could be a matter of costs, availability, or any other issue that prevents us from having the best of something. Sometimes, we have to make choices, because our resources are limited: are we getting the best of this and something mediocre of that, or the other way around? What are we going to prioritize? 

When making these decisions, we need to figure out what is the most important thing for us. Because we can all resign one thing or another, but when it comes to really important things, we should do all we can to get the best of all. Otherwise, the price that we will pay will be high, and perhaps it will keep being high for a long time.

One of the things with which we cannot conform with something mediocre is home building. We need solid, good quality materials in our roof, our walls, our floor and our gardens. We need them properly assembled and colocated. We need good windows and doors. We need proper gas and water installations. We need a good electrical system. We need a good house.

If we make mistakes when choosing materials and builders, we will end up living in a poorly made construction that will have problems or develop them over time. We hate it when things don't work in our houses because it seriously affects our daily lives. Even worse, we need to find workers to fix those issues, especially when they are severe, and open the doors of our house to them so they can spend hours, even days inside doing their things and disturbing our peace and privacy.

Your house is your home, so you need to use only the best - materials and people - to build or fix it. And how do you find the right people to do the job? You will see dozens of webpages advertising building and roofing services and they all will say they have the best prices and work better than anyone else. Who should you believe? Who should you hire?


If you are looking for a reliable builder or a roofing company, including Roofing Materials and other building supplies, here are some ideas where you can start. First of all, especially if you are in the area of York, you should ask for a quotation from GB Builders, which has been certified by both the Federation of Master Builders and Trademark. Check their website for more information about their services here:


Another source of reliability is, of course, years of experience and presence in the market. And when that is what you're looking for, you should start with the longest running roofing company known to date in the UK, Pickles Roofing, located in the area of Leeds. With over one and a half century of experience and several workers in and around the area of Yorkshire, you can be sure you'll find what you want with them.

Guarantee of quality

There are some organizations which work to find and certify the best building companies and tradesmen only. When a building service becomes a member of these organizations, you can be sure that they will work as they should and you can trust them. Here are two organizations that do the job.

The Federation of Master Builders 


There are many good things about this one. If you go to the Federation's webpage, you will see a search tool that allows you to Find a Tradesman or builder in your area. All of these are certified by the Federation of Master Builders, who has offices in all zones of the United Kingdom. 

This is the largest trade association in the UK, founded in the fourties and still growing, adding more certified builders to its lists. If you want to find a builder, you can use their search tool and feel confident that whoever you pick, is going to be worth your trust.

This is another quality mark that certifies that the builder or building company provides quality work. Trustmark has a logo which its members carry, so when you see it you can rest asure you will be working with trustworthy people.

Trustmark has a long series of requirements for its members, and they must all follow Government Standards in order to deserve to carry the Trustmark logo. 



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