Fabric beds for the modern home

The Bedroom - The Place Where Your Day Starts and Ends

The bedroom is the place in your home where you start your day. It’s also the place where you end your day. In between you sometimes spend time in your bedroom to relax and de-stress. Today’s bedrooms aren’t like they used to be. A bed, one or two nightstands and a closet, are what bedrooms used to contain. A lot of things have changed now. Modern bedrooms not only contain more furniture but people also pay a lot of attention to the design of their bedroom. So if you’re planning on remodeling your bedroom here are a few ideas on where to get inspriation.

You can get inspiration for your bedroom design on a lot of websites, in home design magazines and from friends or family. For bedrooms a lot of people choose tranquil colors or a theme that says peace and quiet. The bedroom is the place where you want to be able to put your mind to rest. Searching the web for titles like "30 Colorful Bedrooms That Will Inspire You to Redecorate" delivers a lot of incredible ideas for your remodeled bedroom.

From the bottom up

You can start by choosing a carpet. The carpet can be based on the other pieces of furniture you chose or it could be based on your wall color. Quality is of key importance when choosing a carpet since a carpet isn’t something you easily change. A carpet is also something that stains very easily so when choosing bedroom carpets for kids you might want to choose a darker color. The ease of cleaning your carpet is also dependent on the material it is made from. We all like a soft carpet to walk on, but often the softer fabrics are more difficult to clean. The choice is of course completely yours, so you have to choose what is more important. 

The walls

Decorating your walls is optional of course. Some people choose to go with plain walls, while others like a fun design. If you like your walls decorated, choosing wallpaper might be a good option. If you do so you want to make sure you go for good quality because you don’t want your wallpaper ragging after a while. The same goes for the paint you choose to paint your wall with. If you don’t want walls that are too busy with patterns you can always choose to do just one wall with a patterned wallpaper and keep the others plain. If you’re not a big fan of wallpaper you can hire someone to paint on patterns for you. Another option is to just put some wall décor here and there on a plain wall. This could be a fun wall lamp or a nice painting. This way the wall isn’t plain and boring but also not too crowded, if that isn’t your style.

Most important piece of furniture

The most important part of your bedroom is, of course, your bed. Not only is it the center piece of your bedroom, it is also the piece on which you spend your well-deserved night-rest. For your bed you want to make sure you choose a brand and model that is high quality. You should choose a model that lasts very long and offers enough support for your back. This doesn’t mean that you have to choose a boring old design. Nowadays there are a lot of cool designs such as suede and fabric beds that aren’t only good looking but also of a high quality. These can also be custom made. Such as the custom martial arts fabric for example. The designs have a great look and feel to them and really give your bed the cool look of a great center piece. 


 Here are a few things to consider when buying a new bed:


A key part of all room décor is the lighting. This is very important for every room, not just the bedroom. For the bedroom you want to choose lighting that isn’t too bright. You might want to go for a model that is adjustable like dim lights, for example. It’s better for your eyes and body to sleep with dimmed lights or without lights.

All in all there are many aspects to remodeling a bedroom. And it is a process you should really think through before starting since it isn’t advisable to sleep in a half finished bedroom. Searching online or asking friends for advice gives you a lot of inspiration, but in the end you’re the one sleeping in the room so you should make sure that whatever design you decide to choose is one you’re absolutely happy with. 



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