How to Stay Safe Without Sacrificing Style

Invest in the Appearance of Your Home

Your home is your pride and joy, and you place value in its appearance. While maintaining a well-kept lawn and a nicely painted exterior may make you smile every time you turn in your driveway, keeping your home in premium condition may have an unfortunate side effect – it can make it particularly appealing for potential thieves, too.

While once upon a time, the term “home security” referred to big, bulky cameras and sky-high wrap-around fences, modern technology have given stylish, aesthetically inclined homeowners some great alternative security features to consider. From carefully crafted wrought-iron doors to landscape lighting and small, discreet recording devices, today’s homeowners are increasingly turning to security features that allow them to feel safe without sacrificing style. Here are some ideas and products to utilize should you choose to do the same for your home.


Invest in Security Screen Doors

Just because you want a door that offers supreme security doesn’t mean you have to buy one that looks like a bank vault. On the contrary, beautiful iron front doors can replace an existing front door and provide aesthetically pleasing, additional security for you and your family.

They also give your home a classy, elegant touch that will be noticed by all who enter, and they come in an astounding array of materials, designs and styles so you can custom-design one in line with your existing stylistic preferences. Consider a door crafted from copper, wrought iron or glass, and enhance it and give it a dose of your own personal style using powder-coat coloring or a broad range of other specialty features and hardware. Consider taking security a step further and adding sidelights to your door to help deter unwelcome visitors or illuminate a path for those with invitations.

Light Up the Night

Most law enforcement officials and home security professionals would agree that a well-lit yard and home is a great crime deterrent. Why would a potential burglar break into your home and risk being seen when there are millions of others still shrouded in darkness? Landscape lighting is a great way to deter the common criminal, and it also gives your home an elegant, upgraded look. Another added bonus? Evidence suggests that landscape lighting can even help sell a home, should you be thinking about placing yours on the market somewhere down the line, partly because it gives it great curb appeal to those coming through the area at night. 

The trick to creating a great-looking, well-lit home is to create an even, balanced light scheme that illuminates the better part of your property. Without using bulbs that are too bright (they might bother the neighbors – not to mention, you and your family or roommates), add some are fixtures to illuminate paths, walking areas or other items of interest (i.e. fountains, statues, etc.). Throw in a little accent lighting to the surrounding landscape, and you’ll end up with a safe, secure and stylish exterior you’ll appreciate every time you arrive home – and find it undisturbed.


Install Effective Window Treatments

While landscape lighting is a great way to illuminate your home’s exterior, window treatments are a great way to give its interior a boost in terms of safety and style. Window treatments come in an endless stream of colors, styles and designs, so you’re all but guaranteed to find some that match with your home’s existing design scheme. Additionally, many models offer built-in light filtration, meaning that, during the day, you can bask in natural sunlight, but at night, you can keep things closed up tight while still giving off the impression that people are home. If you really are home, these treatments can keep you and your belongings covered, preventing anyone outside from peeping in on you or your family. While your nicest things may be on full display for you and your guests to enjoy, you want to make sure they’re not displayed in such a way that they’ll also catch the eye of a potential burglar.

Keep Eyes on Your Home at All Times With Hidden Cameras

Nowadays, there are a plethora of security products on the market that don’t look like basic cameras. Instead, today’s hidden cameras take on the appearance of everything from rocks to birdhouses, giving you, the homeowner, endless opportunities to keep an eye on your home in a subtle manner no matter how far away you may be. Keep watch on potential vandals with a bird-feeder security camera, or find out who’s been picking away at your garden with a camera discreetly embedded in a “rock.” Yet another form of surveillance that can actually help, rather than hinder, the exterior appearance of your home, hidden cameras are a great way to deter potential criminals while improving your own peace of mind.



Invest in an Automated Security System

Another wonderful security trend that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners is the integrated or automated security system. Designed to allow you to manage and watch your home with a few clicks of a button even when you’re thousands of miles away, these systems offer supreme home security and potentially, a whole lot more. Have elementary or middle school-aged kids and want to know when they make it home safe? Set up your security system to send you a text. Want to watch for holiday packages to ensure they aren’t stolen? Keep an eye on your home’s exterior or any number of other places you’d like to look in on in your absence. From watching your cats to protecting your pride and joy, the possibilities are endless when you consider the automated security system, and they come in a variety of discreet designs, too.

The rise of modern technology has given today’s homeowner an endless stream of new, effective and discreet home security products and features. Equip your home today and rest assured you’re getting the most in terms of simplicity, safety and style. 






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