Tips on Choosing a Business Phone System

Choosing the Right Business Phone System

One of the most essential tools for any small business is a telephone system which is generally the primary link with customers, clients and partners facilitating different types of transactions within the organization. There are many different types of telephone systems for small businesses. They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and configurations. This makes finding the right business phone system and knowing how to deploy it somewhat challenging for many. You can choose a system for your office by following these three simple tips:

Understanding the needs of your organization

The needs of your organization will determine which system you should get and which features and capabilities should be available with that system. When it comes to business phone systems, the more features and capabilities needed, the more expensive the system so if you do not determine this properly beforehand you may end up buying an expensive system with features and capabilities which you may never use.

Preparing for Change

A business phone system will definitely change the way things are being done within your organization. Each different feature and capability offered with the system will mean new and different possibilities for your organization as well as a different way or method of getting things done. Some users might be hesitant when it comes to using the phone system so you need to prepare your users for the changes that will come along with the implementation of a business phone system.

Getting advice and consultancy

Never buy a business phone system without getting proper advice and consultancy on whether or not it is the right step for your organization. Talk to your advisors. Find out which features and capabilities you need and which system will best meet the needs of your organization before you actually purchase a system.

Types of Business Phone System

There are four main types of business phone systems that are available on the market. These are:

Key-less Systems

Most basic type

Best for smaller companies with ten or less employees

Do not require a central control unit

Not expandable as your organization grows

 Installation, programming and maintenance are your responsibilities 

Key Systems

Multi-line telephone system

Best suited for companies with 5-40 employees. 

Most of the basic features essential to conduct your business

Supported by a central key system unit 

 Upgraded to meet your growing needs.

PBX Systems

Powered by a central PBX cabinet. 

Suited to meet the needs of larger companies with 40 or more employees

Offers the basic telephone features but also the advanced features. 

Higher up-front costs 

More cost-effective in the long run 

Voice over IP Systems

No Limitations (Communicate across the globe)

Use the internet instead of traditional phone lines

Inexpensive long-distance or international calling and 

Work well within companies of any size.

Must Have Features of Any Business Phone System

Business phone systems have countless features these days but not all features will be needed by your organization; however, there are some features that simply are must have features that should be available with any phone systems that you purchase.

These must have three things in common. They shoud be able to:

Improve the Image of Your Organization

Help you save Money

Allow you to connect anywhere

Some of the features that your system must absolutely have include:

Auto Attendants - This feature provides you with an automatic receptionist who is always friendly in greeting callers using pre-defined phone recording and make it easy for them to the transferred to the ones they call for.
Music on Hold - This feature gives caller a pleasant experience while waiting on the ones they called for listening to music of your choice.
Multiple Languages - This feature allows you to make every caller feel at home when they call your company. If you auto attendant gives them instruction in their language, it makes it easier for them to get connected to the ones the need.
Conference Calls - This feature allows more than one person to be connected on one phone call.
Transfer Calls - Transfer calls from one extension to the next allowing callers to immediately speak to the ones they need.
Call Forwarding - Forward your call to another extension or to another phone number if you are not at your desk making sure you never miss a call.
Call Waiting - Being informed of calls that are waiting on you if you are currently on the line.
Call Screening -  This feature allows you to screen calls before receiving them so you know who is calling and for what. 


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