Where Could you Use Temporary CCTV?

The benefits of CCTV are widely known, from deterring criminals, minimizing theft risks and maintaining crowd and public order to playing a critical role in identifying and prosecuting criminal activity.

Temporary CCTV has a range of applications and is used across a variety of different industries -From private property owners looking to monitor a vacant property to large event organizers that require an intricate temporary CCTV installation and monitoring service.

A mobile temporary CCTV system simply makes sense in many instances, especially in unique cases where security requirements were unforeseen and required within a short notice period.

Large, Medium and Private Events

Although it is the larger events that require a thorough and detailed temporary security system for necessary security and control measurements, medium and private events can also benefit immensely from these systems.

The monitoring of crowds, entrances, exits and main arenas are not the only locations that benefit from CCTV installation at events. Authorized entry only points as well as car parks and quieter areas that usually have higher security risks attached also need to be monitored for theft, looting and vandalism.

For private events, particularly those in remote locations, a temporary CCTV system is often the only way to ensure that guests are kept safe.

Construction Sites

Although security isn’t always the main concern on a construction site, experienced contractors know that protecting their worker and expensive equipment is of primary importance. construction sites are a category that benefit highly from temporary CCTV not only to protect their equipment and materials but to ensure the safety of their employees while maintaining a high health and safety standard. Hazardous areas that require special attention will benefit highly from CCTV by ensuring the early identification and removal of trespassers. Lone workers are also at higher risk and will definitely require additional protection, which is more cost effective in the form of a temporary CCTV system that is being independently monitored.

Private Residences and Estates

For individuals planning to leave their premises unattended for any period of time and have any security concerns, the installation of a temporary CCTV security system will provide the extra security needed to protect their assets during their absence. Apart from increasing overall security, a lot can be said for the peace of mind that a CCTV system can bring to an individual or family. Additionally, open and outdoor areas should also be considered as important areas to secure as they tend to be vulnerable and neglected in terms of security.

Vacant Property Security (VPS)

VPS is a major concern for property owners and risks of vandalism, squatting, theft and other vacant property related issues are best laid to rest by the use of a temporary CCTV system. This may be even more critical for those who are not able to visit the property regularly to ensure the property is secure. Whether your concern is for a large warehouse, office space or small property, the same risks apply to all vacant areas and appropriate security measures should be taken.

During Peak and High-Risk Times

Many businesses experience a major increase in customer numbers during peak seasons such as school holidays, Christmas and other major holidays and celebrations. Such an increase usually requires additional, temporary staff as well, therefore increasing security risks significantly on both ends. It is during these times that it makes sense to many business owners to install a temporary CCTV system to ensure that their stock, business premises and general safety are not compromised in any way.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces

This category is broad and can include any outdoor area whether vacant or not, from gardens to patios and car parks. Protecting a property or building is usually the main focus for owners and managers however; significant risks are attributed to the outdoor areas surrounding a property. As it is usually more difficult to secure open spaces, particularly those without perimeter fencing and improper maintenance, it is a weak spot that will benefit highly from CCTV. Car parks, whether in use or not are also a common play ground for vandals, criminals and thieves and securing such an area will substantially lower liabilities and security risks. Temporary CCTV will assure that your area is secured until it becomes occupied or more permanent security measures are put in place.

Temporary Office Space

Many companies make use of temporary office space during the maintenance and upgrading of their offices and installing a permanent CCTV security system in this temporary workplace simply doesn’t make financial sense. Employers still need to ensure the safety of their employees during this time and the best option is the use of a temporary or mobile CCTV system.




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